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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Follow Him

Our church has been following the biblically based D6 (Deuteronomy 6) model, and we have weekly Family Faith Talks which consist of 4-5 questions to talk about as a family.  Last week, one of the questions for our family faith talk was, “Abraham left his homeland and family to follow God’s plan.  What might God be asking you to give up to follow him?”  Paighton’s answer was, “our home”.  Lainey’s answer was, “our friends and family.”  Eli said they took his answers.  I took a picture of that moment in my mind.  I hope to remember it forever.  That little moment in time shows me how my kids don’t view the Bible as a book of stories, but as actual history, things that truly happened and that they can relate their lives to.  I think so many times kids are told Bible stories in the same manner that they’re read nursery rhymes…like it’s just another story.  But it’s not.  The Bible is a model for how we’re supposed to live our lives, and my picture moment showed me that my kids are getting it, and relating it to their own lives.  I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for the people who have supported us in completely raising the funds and praying for us as we prepare to take this three month journey and explore this option that God might have for us.  It’s amazing to me how God has provided everything we need, and it’s been neat to see it through the eyes of my kids.  They’ve had the opportunity to see miracles on this side of the trip, and I’m positive we’ll see many more on the other side of the ocean.
 Lainey had a friend over the other night who didn’t know that we were going to be gone for 3 months.  They were playing and I overheard them talking about it and her friend’s first question was, “you’re not going to miss any softball, are you!?”  J lol!  Quickly followed by, “Wait, but you’re coming back, aren’t you?!”  I looked at Lainey’s face, and while I could see how hard it was, she said, “Yes, we’re coming back, but if that’s what we’re supposed to do forever, we’ll go back for another 3 years.”  That was the first time that I think she realized what she’s going to be leaving behind, but I was proud of her for not complaining or whining, and being willing to go where God leads us.  Especially impressive coming from an eight year old…but I might be a little biased ;) 
Just a little peek into our recent journey.  Hope to have more for you soon!  Thanks for visiting.