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Friday, March 23, 2012

From the mouths of babes......

We encouraged our kids that if they wanted to write or blog about what they were experiencing along this journey, then they could. This entry was written by Paighton and we didn't edit anything..........

my blog,based on paighton's life in vanuatu.One Sunday a family who is a misionary in vanuatu came to speak at our church. When they  walked up on stage and said were they lived/witch is vanuatu.Then God spoke to my dad and said, Jason I want you to go to this country.My dad was gonna pull a johna and not tell anyone and keep it to himself but God kept saying,Jason I want you to go to this country.So after the family walked off the stage my dad looked at my mom and my mom  said, are you thinking what i'm thinking my dad dosent remember much about that sermen but what I do know that we might be misionary's. So after the sermen was over the misoonary family had a table when you walked out of the sankawary.So my mom and dad went to the back of the line and wated there turn.when it was there turn they went to the misionary's  they told them that when they were preaching that God was calling them to the mision field so the misionary's said that we could come to there house some time .So a couple weeks later my parents told me my brother and my sister about how God felt like we should go to the mision field.We were really exited to go to an Island and be misionary's in a place called vanuatu.  I am pretty shur that you don't know about it.It's about 8,000 miles away from idianapolis,it's about 1,800 miles away from astralya .And it does not have Fall,Winter or  Spring.It is just rain and sun.The land is an Island,it has 109 difrent languges and it never gets below 75 degrees.We are going there to be misonary's. The languge we will be speaking is called Bisslama. we are leaving on July 2o 2,012 for three months and  we wont get back till October around the 20.My family hopes that God will give us clear direction.We are nurvous but exited. we told some of our family but kept it a secret for the rest of the family.So on October 30,2011my dad spoke to the church and told the church people.And then after the sermen was over, the people at our curch gatherd around my family and prayed over us. A lot of people cried even me my mom and my dad. For more information go to UP and UP Ministries and then click on Site Map

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It was good to be back "home"

Last night, my family and I had the honor of sharing our testimony and faith journey at the church we came from before landing at Rock Prairie, Westview Wesleyan in Jonesboro, IN. It was great seeing old friends that we dearly miss and meeting some new friends and prayer partners as well.

I just want to thank Pastor Mark and the folks at Westview for allowing me to share what God is dong in and through our family. The people of Westview mean a lot to my family, and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the upbringing I had growing up there.

We pray that God continues to bless the ministry of Westview as they reach the community of Grant County for the Kingdom!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are on our way....

     Just wanted to write a quick note about how awesome Rock Prairie is. We have been at this church since 2003 and the people have helped us through our best times and worst times. I never thought that when they hired us as Youth Pastor and family that just 3 short years later God may be calling us out of youth ministry.

     As hard as that is to think for me, it is evident that this church loves us no matter what happens with this adventure. We need to raise about $30,000 for our 3 month trip to Vanuatu. Last Sunday they took a love offering for us and we now have over $20,000 for the trip. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT!!!

     I couldn't ask to be on staff at a more loving church. The people of this church, and Tipton for that matter, are the greatest people. My family is better because of this community.

     Stay tuned as we continue to write about this awesome adventure that God has us on.